Kevin O'Boyle

Full Stack Web Developer & Project Manager

Video post production porfolio. Existing site ported over from flash-based system into HTML5-based coding to handle animation. Fully customized CMS system added to allow admin to add/edit/delete reels, photos and resume.

Default homepage, post intro animation.

Photo gallery with custom scrollbar via jScrollpane, controlled via CMS.

Photo selected overlay.

Homepage reel, controlled via CMS.

Homepage reel active.

Reel grid list, controlled via CMS.

Reel selected view.

Resume, controlled via CMS.

Admin photos add/edit/reorder grid.

Admin photo inline AJAX editing.

Admin photo uploader, via HTML5 Uploadify plugin.

Admin reel edit grid with inline AJAX editing.

Add/edit/delete reel groups.

Upload reel via HTML5 Uploadify plugin and reel group selection.

Default resume editing view.

Resume editing forms.

PDF resume uploader.