Kevin O'Boyle

Full Stack Web Developer & Project Manager

Video post-production company. Fully custom backend CMS system with ability to upload video spots, add/edit client and video information, send customized preview links to clients and change main video reel. Interactive video grid with AJAX sorting by category or shuffle. Customized video player overlay to add video credits and twitter/facebook/email share links. Simplified mobile version to view spots on mobile devices. Site version 2.0.


Homepage: Reel info rollover state

Homepage: Reel activated

Homepage: Video reel information

Homepage: Video reel share buttons

Client Preview: Scroll state

Contact Page

Contact Page: Dropdown menu

Contact Page: Menu selection overlay

Us Page

Us Page: Editor selection

Us Page: Editor information overlay

Us Page: Editor information overlay wtih dropdown

Work Page

Work Page: Spot overlay

Work Page: Sub menu selection

Admin: Login

Admin: Spots grid

Admin: Menu selection rollover

Admin: Menu selection default state

Admin: Add new spot

Admin: Manage categories

Admin: Client information editor

Client Preview: Default State

Admin: Add employee question

Admin: Client list

Admin: Add client

Admin: Manage employees

Admin: Add employee

Admin: Change password

Admin: Add quote to Us page

Admin: Manage quotes

Admin: Add spot category

Admin: Manage employee questions

Mobile Site: default state

Mobile Site: More spots clicked

Mobile Site: Even more spots clicked.